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Useful Software Programs for Customer Service

Any business that is serious about boosting sales and creating a strong brand should have good customer service. Whether you are a big enterprise or a small company that is trying to break even, you need to have good software to help in improving customer support and services in your company.

Top Software for Customer Service

  • LiveAgent:

The reviews on this software are positive, and it is rated highly among tools that support phone, email, live chat social media, and support portal. The LiveAgent software is used by top companies such as Forbesfone, Huwaei, Yamaha, Orange, among others. They give a free trial for the first 14 days, and if you like it, you can reach out and download the software. This is important for people who want to improve how to prompt their responses to clients are.

  • Freshdesk:

Freshdesk is used by companies that want to boost their email response, ticketing support, automated responses from different channels and a customer support system that is available 24/7. It also helps in gathering the customers’ intelligence to help in creating messages that are customised for them. Some of the organisations that use Freshdesk are HP, DHL and Harvard University. It is rated as a popular software due to the low pricing that ranges between 19 and 99 USD per month. They also have a free package for email support and a free trial for people who want to test if it is the right software for them.

  • Hubspot:

This software is common among small business owners who are looking for software to help with sales, marketing and customer support. For customer care, it helps with ticketing, responding to emails, live chats, and providing answers to frequently asked questions by referring customers to documents that they are likely to need. The software also helps in collecting data from customers through surveys embedded within the software. They have a free plan in the initial stages which can be upgraded later by businesses that want to continue using it.

  • Zendesk

This software gives an all-rounded kind of support for businesses. Some of the features it has is helping in ticketing by allowing businesses to track and manage tickets that have been created by customers. The software also helps in managing live chat that has been installed on websites. It also helps in picking phone calls and distributing them among customer care agents. It is popular because it provides a 30 day trial period before users can commit to it.

  • Bitrix24

This software is a free customer service solution that has more than 4 million business owners using it. It helps in managing emails, social media, phone calls, emails and live chats. It is available for both computer and mobile devices, and even though it is free, it does not have a lot of downtimes.

  • Groove

Groove is a relatively new software for customer support that has grown tremendously over the years. It helps with ticketing, live chats, emails, telephoning and management of social media. It allows users to customise it by buying additional add ons and linking it to the software. It can also be configured to work with personal emails such as Gmail and outlook. People who want to use it can use the 30 day trial period it has to determine if they like it.