Welcome Page to Addonchat

Welcome to addonchat.co.uk. This is a one-stop place for people who want to know about customer service and support and how it affects their business. Maya Angelou once gave a quote that has become immortalised beyond the literary world. She talked about how people might no remember what you said to them, but they will definitely remember how it made them feel. While this is a paraphrase of the original saying, it makes sense even in business. If you have never paused to think about how you interact with your customers, then this site will give you a lot of things to ponder about.

Why Good Customer Care Is Important

Undoubtedly you can try all the marketing tricks in the business, including giving mega sales, promotions and offers, but if your customer support is bad, nobody will bother. It is a sad reality. Here, you will get a list of reasons why you should work on improving your customer care. Did you know that poor customer care can get you a legal suit? Well, you will learn about all that here. Besides the negative press and damage having poor customer services can attract, it will also give you low sales as customers will leave to seek better treatment.

How Customer Care Is Done

You cannot give good customer care and support unless you understand what it is all about. This website lays it all down for you. You will find a guide on the little things you can do to ensure your customers are satisfied. These range from smiling when you meet, having excellent language, tone and mannerism when communicating online. You do not want to be that business that is involved in public twitter wars with customers or the kinds of people who take forever before responding to inquiries.

We have also given you sufficient reasons on why your members of staff need to be trained, and not just the ones who have been employed to do customer care. Everyone needs to have a basic idea of how customer support builds the business, and the part the members of staff play in ensuring this happens. You will also learn how to take feedback positively and what to do when you get a response from a customer.

Software to Help in Customer Support

As much as you may want to be there for your customers 24/7, it can get very overwhelming. That is why you need extra help in the form of having different software to help with the job. We have given a list of popular and highly rated software and how they work. Every software program that is listed has also been reviewed in terms of cost and features it has. It is a carefully selected list for what is best for both small businesses and big ones.

Admittedly, many software programs claim to be useful in providing customer service. People who have never used them before can get confused as they try to navigate the options. That is why we have also come up with proper tips and tricks on ensuring that the software program you choose is suitable for your business.

Whether your business is a huge enterprise or you are just starting out, you need to make your customers feel that they are valued. They need to know that you appreciate every interaction you have with them. Our plan is to help you understand how to go about, ensuring that your business has a fully integrated customer care service. Consider this site as your one-stop place for all the questions, concerns and information you may have about customer support.